Floor Sealers Vic uses quality products in the cleaning and sealing of all natural stone surfaces, tiles, pavers and concrete surfaces

Sandstone cleaned and sealed around a pool with a penetrating sealer which leaves the surface with a natural finish. No slipperiness occurs with this type of sealer.

Sandstone pathway and driveway cleaned, enhanced and sealed

Newly layed sandstone crazy paving cleaned, enhanced and sealed to give a natural finish to the sandstone.

Another picture of the sandstone sealed with a penetrating sealer.


Sandstone is tough,duruable and is very versatile product that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Pavers are commonly used in the landscaping field because of their rich and natural appeal.


Sandstone can be used for walkways, pool surroundings or pool coping, popular when comes to cladding and veneering, floors, walls, paving, pillars and landscaping.


Sandstone is popular because it offers character and a variation of colour offering a natural earthy look or an elegant formal appearance. Sealing sandstone is highly recommended for the protection against staining, if not sealed you may incur difficulty in removing stains completely.


Sandstone is used both indoor and outdoor, sandstone can be highly porous, polished or honed sandstone is a little harder to penetrate but still needs to be sealed. When cleaning sandstone acidic cleaners should not be used as it could damage the stone.


Never use bleach, ammonia or vinegar to clean sandstone, never use abrasive scouring pad or cleaners that are acidic.


In the photos are a number of different jobs that Floor Sealers Vic have cleaned and sealed to protect the sandstone. In some cases a enhancer has been used to in-rich the sandstone and highlite the colours within the stone.

Sandstone area around the pool cleaned and sealed giving a natural look to the sandstone.

Sandstone rear courtyard and pool area now being cleaned to remove dirt, black mould and green mould, Picture showing the difference between the clean area and area still to be cleaned.

Sandstone around a pool area being cleaned ready for sealing.

Sandstone wall cleaned and sealed with a penetrating sealer.


These pictures are from a set of shots taken after the cleaning and sealing process was completed. the sealer used was apenetrating sealer (Drytreat stain proof) which offers a 15 year warranty when applied by an accredited applicator.


The porcelain tiles kept there natural finish and the polished porcelain are now sealed for life.

Porcelain Tiles cleaned and sealed with a penetrating sealer.

Porcelain tiles cleaned and sealed.

Another shot of porcelain tiles cleaned and sealed.

Porcelain tiles cleaned and sealed.

Porcelain tiles cleaned and sealed.

Porcelain tiles cleaned and sealed.

Porcelain tiles on stairway cleaned and sealed.

Porcelain tiles on stairway cleaned and sealed.