Floor Sealers Vic uses quality products in the cleaning and sealing of all natural stone surfaces, tiles, pavers and concrete surfaces


 Terminology - Key terms include:


Sealer- Usually means penetrating sealer that is non-visible on the tile/natural stone, which soaks into the natural stone to provide a protective layer inside the natural stone that slows down the penetration of stains and moisture making it easier to clean.

Coating/Topical sealer- A sealer that sits on top of the natural stone surface, usually visible and can provide an additional shine to the stone and easier to clean.

Enhancing Sealer- A special type of sealer that increases(enhances) the visibility/colour/in-rich the stone structure and provides a protective layer inside the stone.

Wet Look- Is usually a topical sealer(slate) a solvent based acrylic resin designed to give a wet look to  surfaces where it is applied, typically associated with the gloss look of slate floors.