Floor Sealers Vic uses quality products in the cleaning and sealing of all natural stone surfaces, tiles, pavers and concrete surfaces

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Tessellated floors are formed from tiles of varying size, shape and colour that fit together to produce a strongly geometric pattern that is repetitive.


Olde English or tessellated floor tiles are a combination of ceramic pieces in a mosaic pattern with standard shapes, consisting of triangles, octagons, squares and hexagonal coming together so that eachpiece fits exactly in to a geometric pattern to suit any space required. Tessellated tiles can be used in all internal and external, . Due to the nature of tessellated patterns they offer good slip resistance and can be used in wet areas.


Suitable for heritage & traditional settings, simple patterns can also be created for use in more modern and contemporary styles.


It is important to employ a tiler experienced in tessellated tiling as it involves time setting out the pattern correctly, understanding where to start and finish the repeat of the pattern and how to turn borders correctly around corners.


Tessellated tiles gives you an authentic  appearance and aesthetically pleasing patterns and shapes, in which you will need to, seal the tessellated tile for protection.

Why Seal?

In floor Sealers option, natural stone and tessellated tiles should always be sealed when it is likely to come into contact with liquids or items that can cause stains.


Tessellated tiles in our option should be sealed with a penetrating sealer, penetrating sealers provide protection against staining but forming a bond with the stone/tile under the surface to limit the penetration of the staining agent (water, oil, grease food etc.) Excellent penetrating sealers do not effect the natural colour and finish of the stone or tile repels oil/water for stain protection makes cleaning easier and keeps the surface looking new longer.


Floor Sealers in their opinion do not recommend topical sealers for tessellated tile.

Tesselated tiles been cleaned and re-sealed with a penetrating sealer

Completed tesselated tiles cleaned and sealed

Another picture of tesselated tiles cleaned and sealed with a penetrating sealer

New Products

META CREAM BY DRY-TREAT "excellent in sealing products"



The ultimate protection for natural stone, tiles pavers, brick, concrete and grout, Dry-Treat is the world leader in impregnating sealers. Meta Cream TM is the next generation-an impregnating sealer which is technologically ahead of its time.


Metra Cream is the ultimate in environmentally responsible protection for stone, tiles, brick, paving concrete and grout, Dry-Treat had 2 main goals in developing Meta Cream, performance, durability and protection which surpasses all others and environmental responsibility , not just for today’s standards but tomorrows.


Seal for Life ultra-low VOC sealer-meets LEED world best practices for environmentally sustainable construction.


  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Retains natural colour and finish of the surface
  • Super oil/water repellency
  • Low odour non drip cream
  • Controls mould/mildew growth
  • Breathable- water vapours escape
  • Water base
  • Indoors and outdoors use
  • 15 year performance warranty when product is applied by a Dry-Treat applicator (Floor Sealers Vic)


For further information go to www.drytreat.com

Applying Meta Cream to porcelain tiles offering a 15 year warranty when applied by a accredited applicator (Floor sealers). New water base penetrating sealer

New Meta Cream (water base) 15 year warranty sealer applied to porcelain tiles.

Meta Cream applied to porcelain tiles.

DryTreat 15 year warranty sign and accredited applicators


Protect Your Investment from SALT ATTACK!!!

Use synergy the new generation consolidator/penetrating sealer.

"Synergy is a revolutionary premium specialty sealer, formulated with an inbuilt consolidator/hardening agent which is suitable for use on all forms of masonry & natural stone. Synergy is particuularly effective around swimming pools for protection from Salt Attack, while also offering premium protection from stains.


Idea for use on all soft natural stone and masony surfaces like Sandstone, Honed Travertine and concrete pavers.

Sandstone area around the pool cleaned and sealed giving a natural look to the sandstone.

Sandstone cleaned and sealed around a pool with a penetrating sealer which leaves the surface with a natural finish. No slipperiness occurs with this type of sealer.

Rear covered patio area pavers have been cleaned, enhanced to make the pavers darker and sealed with a 15 year penetrating sealer.

Another picture of the pavers cleaned, enhanced and sealed.